Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sorry about the missing images...

I guess Google deletes them when they're too old.  Man, that sucks.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FYI: Future Site Updates Will Be Few

After trying literally everything I can think of, there's still no easy way to find this website via Ask, Bing, Google, or pretty much any other search engine I've tried. My personal theory is that there's simply too much data out there and no organization can effectively index it anymore.

That said, basically I'll still maintain this website...but any and all hopes of actually making a little bit of money on said site are pretty much gone. C'est la vie.

P.S. Use Microsoft Bing, the only search engine left that one can search for "pornography" and not find an opinion of how pornography is bad, that you ARE addicted, and where you can get help. *sigh* Might as well support the concept of Internet Neutral Search(i.e. NO opinions dammit!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Way To Join Second Life

Having a hard time joining Second Life? Tired of getting bizarre errors that you really don't care about?

Now that I have a decent amount of content on this site, I wanted to mention exactly how I got my avatar setup...and frankly, it wasn't through

After futzing around for days, searching Google for alternative means, etc. I finally stumbled upon this website: Basically, if Second Life's main website is giving you too much hassle, head over there and click "Join" from their main menu. Feel free to enter "The Turing Group" as your organization, it's basically a reference to me...and I don't mind.

Beware, however, the error states you'll get from their Join webpage aren't exactly readable. If you get errors that simply consist of a bullet point, it means something isn't working and please try again. For instance, the name you chose is already being used, you have another account with the same e-mail address, etc. Same errors, -different- website.

The good news is, unlike Second Life's main homepage, this one you can keep trying on. Just try different names, etc. until the Join page likes you. You'll start off in a different area of SL than most others, but at least you have an account and it's actually a really nice place to start off.

Hope this helps. See you in-world. :-)


Welcome to the SL Places Directory.

This site is an attempt to categorize and make available as many enjoyable and reliable places as possible in the virtual world known as Second Life.

Fun places, working links, places to go...and my apologies if you end up farther away from the entrance than you'd like to be. I'm guessing that's the land owner's choice. Blegh.

Note For Parents: If you think I'm somewhat nuts for including kid's links in the exact same pile with sex, perhaps you're right. But being as that whole sex thing is how the kids came about, I thought it appropriate to provide other parents with useful and wholesome links so that when their kid is around they can both have fun.


Adam W. Dace (aka "Forbin Fallen" in Second Life)

P.S. If you have any comments or questions, please click on the "comments" link below...thanks!